Having the ISO9001 certification guarantees a level of quality which until recently was not usual in the Property Administration sector, and implies better services, closer follow-up and traceability of incidents and considerable savings in the economic management of your Community.

iso9001, Certified Quality

The international ISO 9001 Standard is currently one of the most important quality management tools available. Establishing the standard in a company guarantees clients that its services or products are geared towards client satisfaction.


In this sense, ADMINISTRACIONES VILLAD, aware of the importance of client satisfaction and of constant improvement of its services, decided to implement said quality system and obtain the corresponding certification from the Spanish Standardisation and Certification Association (AENOR), with number ER-0914/2008.


This standard adopts an approach based on processes, geared at improving the effectiveness of the quality management system, seeking to increase the satisfaction of clients, highlighting the importance of understanding and fulfilling requirements, the need to consider processes in terms that provide value, obtaining results from process performance and efficiency and the constant improvement of the latter on the basis of objective measurements.


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Certified quality applied to property administration affects important aspects of the management of your Community:

  • Our clients are the pillars of our work

    Client satisfaction is the basis of our activity, and is what justifies the establishment of the quality standard aimed at ensuring that all procedures and processes fulfil that requirement.
  • A job well done from the very beginning is our permanent objective

    Given that this entails savings for you, not only economic but also in respect to time and concerns.
  • Avoiding mistakes is our priority

    Based on our experience, all processes have been designed and implemented with the objective of zero mistakes.
  • Improving quality is a constant process

    And if despite our efforts, you are not satisfied with our services, the system is automatically corrected so that any mistake does not repeat itself, benefiting other clients as well, as the constant improvement of our system is applied to all of them.