Our services cover the full range of the needs of a Property Owner Community. In addition to our own staff, we have collaboration agreements which enable us to offer the services of a wide range of professionals that your Community may need.


The secret is specialisation

As specialists in Property Owner Communities, our services cover the full range of Community needs, for which purpose ADMINISTRACIONES VILLAD has an excellent staff trained to attend to all your needs, as well a programme of specific collaboration agreements which enables us to

offer you the services of a wide range of professionals and companies whose activities are related to the needs of a Community of Property Owners.


These companies and professionals (more than 175) are endorsed by our system after having met our quality requirements and standards and are supervised by our personnel, with ADMINISTRACIONES VILLAD accepting responsibility for the services provided.


ADMINISTRACIONES VILLAD always seeks to give its clients the best value for money, but the final decision regarding whether or not to continue with the suppliers we recommend corresponds to our clients, subject to their assessment of the services provided.


Our Management System allows us to adapt to the specific requirements of each client, who in the long run evaluates the quality of the service on the basis of his/her SATISFACTION, which is our main objective